Why Partner With Us?

Why Partner With SK Insurance Services/SK Brokers?

It’s about solutions. As the Master Broker for Scale PEO, we help our clients solve problems in five specific areas; Human Resources, Workers’ Compensation, Work Place Safety, Employee Benefits, and Payroll.

Leading the broker centric revolution in the PEO market is why Scale PEO is also known as the “Brokers’ PEO.”  We work with side by side with you to deliver a unified workplace ecosystem of solutions for your groups.

From small, growing tech companies to mid-size employers who need more time to focus on running their business, we help employers lower their labor costs, increase profitability, and add time back into their schedules.

When you partner with SK Insurance services, our team of experts will support you by providing industry leading PEO training, support, and compensation. We provide you with tools and services to better serve your clients and improve the customer experience. We also provide licensing, appointment, and compliance assistance.

 We offer unrivaled support and expertise. When you succeed, we succeed.